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i want to be your favorite hello
and your hardest goodbye
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25th-Sep-2007 02:57 am(no subject)
Vote for Janine Ferrero!!! She's towards the bottom, but she's amazing. Please help! If you do i'll send you lots of love. ready go.

24th-Jun-2007 12:49 am(no subject)
I leave for camp on wednesday. if you want me to write to you, send me your snail mail address. word.


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13th-Jun-2007 12:49 am(no subject)
ok so next semester, chico is doing bat boy the musical. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to songs i might do for auditions? songs i've sung so far: home from the wiz, hold on from secret garden, i can do better than that from last 5 years, and notice me horton from seussical. any help would be greatly appreciated....thanks!

biology is over in two more days. yessssss.
k bye.
28th-May-2007 10:49 pm(no subject)
hey y'all...my computer basically decided it'd be cool to stop working.

at the moment, i have limited use of the internet or any other computer-like function.

SO if you need to get ahold of me, text me or call me. if you don't have my number, tough. or send me a message and maybe i'll send you the number.

anyway, thanks for reading.

not having a computer SUCKS. like totally.

k bye.
3rd-May-2007 12:44 am(no subject)
i had a major breakthrough in intermediate acting today. it was amazing. i cried, cynthia (the teacher) cried. i'm just worried that next time i do the scene i won't be able to get back to that place. i know if i work on it, i will, but....yeah.

it was so draining, but felt so good at the same time.
21st-Apr-2007 02:05 am(no subject)
was really happy with how open mic night turned out. everyone was absolutely fabulous. and i didn't even have any complaints about my performance, which REALLY doesn't happen often.

just wanted to share that.
ok goodnight. have a good weekend.
24th-Mar-2007 01:35 am(no subject)
today i watched season 2 of friends. the ENTIRE season.

yeah. i'm way cool.
2nd-Jan-2007 03:27 am(no subject)
play the lost game with me!!!

6th-Nov-2006 01:17 am(no subject)
my fortune today was good. it said:

"life is full of choices. today, yours are good ones."

it goes well with what happened.

thank goodness for friends.
23rd-Oct-2006 02:40 am(no subject)
if he had called one more time, who knows what would have happened...
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